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Dear Kristina,
When I met you I was a closed off person, not able to recognize my own feelings. I knew somewhere inside me I needed help, but thankfully I met somebody as nice and respectable as you. You helped guide me from the darkest place in my life; to be able to smile and recognize the beauty in life again. Not only did I learn to express my feelings, I learned great habits for the rest of my life. Not only am I happy today, I love where I am at in life. 

Thank you for all your guidance,

Words Cannot Express....

May 2014-

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you as my therapist.  I came to you completely broken.  I had lost everything I held dear in this world including my career, my marriage, my children, and my health.  And most frighteningly, I had completely lost myself.   Years of trauma and verbal abuse had left me a shell of the person I once was.  The only way I knew how to cope with the pain and suffering I was experiencing was to abuse alcohol and succumb to my eating disorder.  The pain was too great to bear and I desperately needed to escape.   You are the first person I have been able to trust in a very long time.  Your genuine concern and passion for your profession is evident.  I felt safe enough to open up to you and you helped me to gain clarity where so much confusion had been.  You gave me the strength that I needed to begin to come back to life. 


The invaluable skills that you taught me replaced the destructive ways that I had always seemed to revert back to.  You introduced me to healthy coping mechanisms instead that have now become an automatic response to whatever life throws at me. Thanks to you and the incredible set of skills that you helped me to embrace, I have been able to face obstacles in my life that I could never have dreamed of facing in the past.  Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT) has changed my life forever.  In a relatively short amount of time, I have been able to get my life back.  I have my children back and I have become the mother they have always longed for.  I am rebuilding my career my life is taking an incredible direction that is giving me a tremendous sense of peace and joy. 


So Kristina, thank you.  Thank you for helping me to trust the process and know that I am in the exact place that I am meant to be in.  Without you, I would have never made it to this point and the future looks amazing!  You gave me tools that I did not even know existed in order to cope with all of life’s challenges in healthy ways.  I now have the inner strength I needed to discover my true self.   I am empowered.  I am strong.   And I am finally free!


Thank You- P.F.

Today I am Celebrating...

March 24, 2014
Dearest Kristina:  Today I am celebrating one year of sobriety.  This milestone would not have been possible without your guidance during some of my darkest times.  When I came in April of 2013 I had no idea I would be in the good place I am now.  Kristina, you have the gift to connect with me and made me feel that you are there just for me. 
You guided me and our group through so many different challenges. Because of you, we all learned from each other.  As you found out, I don’t let my guard down easily, but I could with you.  My experiences with you have been life changing.  I love your fairness, disciplined, no-nonsense style and intuition.  You call it as you see it, but always kindly. Kristina, one thing you did that made such a difference to me the “much older sister”: you didn’t lead me through my journey, you walked next to me through my journey.
Thank you, Kristina.  I love you. P. B.

I am Thrilled to have found a provider...

"I am thrilled to have found a provider I can refer my clients to for Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills training. There are so few people who are able to provide this invaluable service to a full range of clients.  Kristina is very talented and committed to providing excellent quality psychotherapy. Plus, she enjoys collaboration with other healthcare providers!"

Dr. A.L.