Doors of Growth Counseling


Trusted Providers

I receive absolutely no incentives, monetary or otherwise, from any provider or service I recommend.  It is either providers I have personally used for myself or family and/or referred others to and they have shared about their positive experience.


  • Rising Sun Counseling: Julie DeLuccy

          (609) 902-0636


  • Karen Ognibene for Individual Counseling

          (609) 230-6280


  • Meg Clark Soriano & Her Team For Couples Counseling

          (856) 985-9091



  • When I meet a prescriber that believes in minimal medication, safe prescribing practices and collaborative care I will add to list.  


MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment):  Vivitrol, Suboxone

  • Please Note: In order to receive Vivitrol shot, one must be free from all opiates for 7-10 days.  Initial Vivitrol prescribing guidelines stated 10-14 days.



Financial Advisor:

  • Main Street Investment

          Russell Johnson

          (856) 218-0080



Reiki & Energy Healing

  • Carman & Cleo

Advocate For Yourself

ALWAYS Be your own best Advocate! ALWAYS...ADVOCATE, ADVOCATE, ADVOCATE for yourself and your treatment, whether it be medicinal or therapeutic!

Understand safe prescribing guidelines: Monotherapy versus Polypharmacy.

I also strongly suggest ruling out any underlying medical issues with your primary care doctor.  Discuss with your PCP the role of Vitamin D, Thyroid, (most especially a Thyroid Antibody), Inflammation (C-Reactive Protein), Hormones (Testosterone, Estradiol etc), B 12 and Vitamin C can play in psychiatric concerns.

I educate my clients about Benzodiazepines and the extreme caution necessary with this class of medication. 

It is important to remember that before the age of 23 the pre-frontal cortex is not fully developed.  Remember, benzodiazepines are for fast acting short term use, NOT regular everyday use.  A bottle of 30 benzodiazepines should last a long time, not a week or a month.  They are for OCCASIONAL use!

Lastly, if several different medications in the same class of medication have been used to treat a diagnosis without success, it is typically the diagnosis that is wrong, rather than medication ineffectiveness.
A medication that I have observed to be highly effective for Depression, Cyclothymia, Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder, Intermittent Explosive Disorder and PTSD is Lamictal.  I like Lamictal as a first option because it is an anti-epileptic,  not a psychotropic and has been around since 1994.

For ADHD: Daytrana

Lithium is another medication that I have observed to be highly effective.

I am not a medical doctor, nor claim to be.  My hope is to teach clients the importance of advocating for themselves AND being an informed consumer.