Doors of Growth Counseling


Choosing a therapist can be tough, so please be assured if you do choose to work with Ms. Ogilvie, she will work with you to meet your therapeutic needs.  Ms. Ogilvie's many years of counseling experience will help you to feel challenged and confident in your therapeutic experience.  

Ms. Ogilvie's various life experiences make her relatable and easy to talk to. Working from a skills, insight and knowledge based perspective, she will help you gain insight and awareness, while guiding you to make changes that you desire to make. Through the therapeutic process, she will teach you skills and tools that you can utilize in your everyday life and relationships.  Ms. Ogilvie's style is challenging and she will offer you feedback on personal traits and issues that may be impeding you from having the life and relationships you want.

If you are looking for addiction counseling, please know Ms. Ogilvie supports all modes of recovery.  However, it is not for her to decide what mode of recovery is best for you; she will meet you where you are at and guide you to meet YOUR goals.  Moderation Management is a personal decision and if this is your goal, Ms.Ogilvie does recommend, but not require,  a period of complete abstinence before a client makes a decision to reintroduce a substance back into their life.  She will help you work towards beginning that period of abstinence when you are ready.   

On behalf of Ms. Ogilvie at Doors of Growth, she hopes this information helps you to make the choice in therapists that is best for you.  Please know the first appointment is to help both client and therapist to decide if it is a good fit.  Doors of Growth operates with the mission and intent to make counseling a rewarding, challenging and growth oriented process. 

Release Of Information

Please know, Ms. Ogilvie cannot confirm or deny any client's presence in treatment, or speak with/return calls/texts/emails, without a signed Release of Information (ROI) on file.

If a Parent/Loved one/Spouse/Provider calls/texts/emails, and there is no ROI on file, Ms. Ogilvie cannot return their call or speak with them.

If a doctor/other provider would like to speak to Ms. Ogilvie, there needs to be a signed Release Of Information on File and the doctor/provider needs to call Ms. Ogilvie. 


Empirically Based Treatment Modalities:

  • DBT                        
  • CBT                        
  • Humanistic             
  • Interpersonal          
  • Person Centered     
  • EMDR                         

*Including but not limited to.