Doors of Growth 112


Hi! Kristina here. I personally know the healing powers of a safe therapeutic relationship. From my guidance counselors throughout school, various life experiences, and passion for learning about trauma, I was guided to earn my Masters of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado. 


My counseling foundation begins with God. Daily I ask him to work and speak through me, while allowing me to serve him. From there, together with my clients, we build a Therapeutic Relationship built on unconditional positive regard, safe connection, knowledge, processing of feelings, and dedication to the growth and healing process.


I specialize in Narcissistic Family Systems, Narcissistic Abuse, PTSD, DBT, Jungian and insight oriented Therapy. I have been counseling clients for over a decade in various settings. My former clients would tell you, I am down to earth, kind, direct, IMPERFECT, blue-collar, and possess a unique ability to personally connect with each of my clients.


I consider myself a holistic healer and am consistently seeking to recognize, unlearn, learn, heal, and evolve. My mom taught me, among many other things, to be fiercely independent. I love God, my furry family, counseling, books, plants and education.  After almost a decade in private practice, and a 20 month break due to back to back medical traumas, I am beyond excited to return my passion and "home." Therapy space is where I am at my best and thus why I consider my office and connection with my clients as home!


Some beliefs of mine: I believe in integrity, kindness when possible, protection of others from all evil, trust, evolution, Trump and the State of South Carolina.